The Kind Wash Indian Soap Nuts Natural Washing Detergent 1kg + Wash Bags

The Kind Wash

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Soap Nuts Eco-Friendly Washing Detergent

Soap Nuts are a natural washing detergent that is literally grown on trees. The Soapnut shells contain Saponins which on contact with water release mild suds and can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to Laundry detergent in washing machines. In India and Nepal the soap nuts have been used as a washing detergent for hundreds of years. Modern day thinking that we should consider the future of the planet we live in have made Soap Nuts popular. Not only are they effective but the Soap Nuts are also relatively cheap compared to supermarket bought washing powder.

Benefits of Soap Nuts

  • Pure and natural Eco-Friendly washing detergent that leaves your laundry fresh and clean
  • Keeps your colours bright
  • Allergy-free, good for your skin
  • Acts as a Environmentally-friendly washing powder that is chemical free
  • Cultivated through sustainable agriculture
  • Ecological and economical compared to other brands of detergent.
  • Around 1 Kg of soapnuts can be used for more than 240 loads of laundry.
  • Works out cheaper than Washing Detergent
  • Indian Soap Nuts are mild and soft cleansing
  • Suitable for your washing machine
  • Can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner in the house

Where do Soap Nuts Come From?

The up to 15 metres high soap nut tree grows mainly in South India. In March and April, the tree is adorned with white flowers, and the ripe soapnuts are harvested in October. When removed from the tree the soapnuts are sticky and golden in colour. They are dried and their colour becomes reddish-brown. Then the nuts are cracked and the black kernel, which can neither be eaten nor used for washing is removed and the shell, which contain saponine (a natural detergent), are packed up in cotton bags.

How do Soap Nuts work?

The somewhat sticky saponine in the shells of the soap nuts acts similar to normal soap. As soon as the shells get in contact with water, this natural saponine soap is released and creates mild suds. Place 4 to 5 half shells in one of the provided cotton bags. Tie the bag and place it with your laundry in the washing machine. Start your machine as usual, with or without pre-wash. The remains of the soapnuts can be composted or be disposed of through organic refuse.

The soap nut can be easily used in your washing machine. Unlike common washing powders and liquids that contain considerable amounts of chemicals, the soapnut is environmental friendly and is gentle of the skin.

Tips with using Soap Nuts:

  • No need for fabric softeners
  • Works well with delicate fabrics such as silk and wool
  • When washing in cold to warm water, soapnuts can be used for a second time the same day
  • In the case of heavy stains, we recommend adding one tablespoon of stain remover.
  • For a fragrant wash add your favourite essential oils
Temperature in Celcius Dosage in Half-Shells (Soft Water) Dosage in Half-Shells (Hard Water)
30° to 40° 5 Halves 6 to 7 Halves
60° to 95° 3 Halves 4 to 5 Halves
Contents of Pack Will Wash Approx 240 160
Hand Washing 250ml Soap Water 400ml Soap Water

Soap nut water for cold and hand washing: put 10-12 half shells in 1 litre of boiling water. Simmer for about 10 minutes, allow to cool and fill into bottles.

The spieces used is "SAPINDUS MUKROSSI" & the Origin is Upper Himalayas, India.

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